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DJ 4000

DJ 4000 is an emerging DJ in Madison and Milwaukee scene. Starting his journey in 2018. He has found a niche engaging crowds on the mic, getting people to dance when the time calls for it, and his versatility behind the turntables. DJ 4000 has had the opportunity to work in various atmospheres allowing him to feel comfortable playing multiple genres no matter the event. His lists of gigs consists of: Milwaukee Bucks DJ Crew, bars in Madison and Milwaukee, +60 weddings, events for non-profits / schools, MCing open mics, and private parties. With all his work and efforts he has been able to DJ full-time since March 2021. DJ 4000 currently has residencies at Chief's Tavern, Madison's and Doundrins Distilling.

Outside of DJing, you can find him doing a handful of other things. Walking his dog on various trails, training/working out  basketball athletes, or playing video games.

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